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Welcome to Bosch

Experience Centre



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Remarkable Ambience
Be relaxed and refreshed as you explore and make your requisition. Purchase doesn’t have to be a sweaty and hassle filled activity.

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Tool Tour
Discover Various sections of our tool and Trends of Bosch Blue technological development, In a mix of storytelling and engineering amazement.

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Get hands-on
Immerse yourself. Get a true feel of the tools at different models of application instances on our on-site demonstration work bench.

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Professional Guidance 
Not sure of specific tool for that Job? We offer professional consultation, with broad collection of video demo’s for easier understanding.

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Session hold monthly. To help all categories of end users stay updated with recent practise trends, safety and standard procedures.

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After Sales
We don’t end client relationship at the sales desk. All tools come with the Unique Bosch One-Year Warranty rightfully effected.